Latest Updates – April 2024

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Welcome to the Long Awaited Dark Theme!

We have always received recognition for the nice, pleasant, and intuitive UI. And now, your eyes can enjoy a well-deserved break they need!

Why Dark Theme?

  • Style and elegance – another great way to experience our platform.
  • Reduced eye strain – using the platform daily, it is great to reduce eye fatigue, especially during nighttime browsing.
  • Energy-saving – for the eco-friendly minded. Dark theme consumes less energy and on a notebook your battery will last longer.

Activate it easily from the Avatar menu!

A Better Way to Manage Work!

Newly redesigned My Work page makes it easier to see a simple list of personal tasks, with the ability to prioritize it simply by dragging and dropping it within the list.

More Exciting Improvements


We expanded the ToDos to make it easier to track work outside of Sprints. ToDos are automatically assigned by the system for Retrospectives, can be triggered to request Story Estimation and Decomposition, and now provides a better way to assign ToDo’s to other Team Members.


Videos are now playable right within Item descriptions and comments. We also added video to the Roadmap Goals to make it easier to explain the Goals and get everyone aligned to the highest priorities.

New Sprint Enhancements

Our users always appreciated New Sprint capacity calculations. We separated Time Off schedules on New Sprint page to provide better visibility and also updated the calculation so that its based only on Dev, QA, and UI/UX team members.

Lastly, we made a lot of other improvements in current functionality, both in UI/UX and fixing bugs along the way.

There’s more in store – new Project Creation with Jira import and Jira bi-directional sync coming soon.

Stay Tuned!

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