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If you follow the news in Technology and Innovation, you’ve probably heard of a startup called TripActions rebranding itself as Navan and launching a new trend in Software and Product Development – Business Software Designed for People.

Navan (TripActions) was founded almost 8 years ago and currently has a valuation over $9 billion. Impressive in every way imaginable. And also goes to show that they are doing things right. The reason it’s important to us is that we have quite a few ex-TripActioners as part of our team and are proud to share the same drive of creating Quality Enterprise Software that is centered around People – around actual users. And naturally since we are the users of the software – yes, we build better software for our own selves!

This concept is not new. Back in 2012, IBM launched its own initiative to revamp its entire suite of Lotus Notes products. Lotus was in many ways unusable – bloated, complex, inconsistent and slow. You could create an email, click send, close the lid of your laptop and go on your merry way to learn several hours later that the email never actually went out and is still sitting stuck somewhere within the confounds of the local storage. This is where IBM began to invest heavily into User Experience and Design and today remains one of the leaders in this space. Unfortunately for IBM, they waited too long and Lotus Notes eventually disappeared.

The lessons learned here is that one stop configuration heavy solutions like Salesforce, which Navan calls as “just SAP in the Cloud which serves everyone started as a great idea, but in the long run does more harm than good. Some clients buying Salesforce anticipating flexibility end up investing so much effort and resources into getting things to work as desired that implementing a small home grown solution with only the needed capabilities would be easier, more supportable, and less expensive. In the Project Management space, Atlassian’s JIRA and Atlassian products overall are the same too big to do things well enterprise software – one we can easily call as the SAP or the Salesforce of Project Management.

Today, we are leaping into the next generation of software. It’s not just about the UI/UX any more. It’s about the experience and about the ease of enabling something users to get their job done in the simplest way possible. For Navan, its ease of Travel and Expense Management. For us, in the Agile Software Development Management space, it’s the ease of getting the Software Engineering work done.

What does it mean to create an Agile Project Management Platform that is designed for people? It means recognizing that the solutions we used before are in many ways obsolete. Not because they do not offer the graphs, backlogs, epics, or sprints, or any other specific part of the Scrum Guide or Kanban tooling. But because the Agile tools used by team until now lack addressing one very vital need – to enable Agile as a discipline that promotes proper engineering behaviors, both process wise, as well as culture wise. To eliminate traditional micro-management tendencies that prevent Agile Teams from effectively managing work and being their very best. And yet, the type of solution that by provides a great deal of transparency to the stakeholders to demonstrate their progress and what they can achieve. But done in a different way, using the power of AI to avoid muscling and forcing over the engineering culture that drives success.

We are proud to have embarked on this journey to build the software that represents the way the best Agile Software Development Teams work – for effectiveness, efficiency, and every engineer’s enjoyment.

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