What makes the best Agile Project Management Solution?

Everyone in software engineering knows JIRA. It’s been around for over 20 years and it’s of no surprise that it attained its current reputation as the leader in this space. But, is it the best?
The answer is – it depends on how you see it. To be completely honest the most popular, market leading…

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5 Important Insights from State of the Agile Report

This past month, Digital.ai has published its annual 2022 State of Agile Annual Report. And in the report this year, there are quite a lot of surprising changes and trends that are observed and worth being mentioned. If you are an Agile professional or enthusiast, it’s probably something you should know. Here is our list […]

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2 Agile Concepts Taken Too Far!

The Agile Manifesto provided a lot of valuable philosophy that created modern software development. And the philosophy is extremely wise in many ways. So much so, that some people adopted the points in Agile Manifesto so rigidly to create a new form of immobility and stagnation. #1. Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools Whenever […]

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Honest Conversation with an Agile Purist – Part 2

The Agile Manifesto has been around for over 20 years now and is the biggest contributor to the evolving thought process for modern software management. Many have adopted the golden nuggets defined inside and now these firmly live as Agile mantras. Yet, like…

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Sprint Carryovers Are Bad!

Your team reached the end of the Sprint. Things seem to have been going well. A lot of work has been completed and it feels like celebrations are in order until, clicking the “Complete Sprint” button you realize that oh oh, there are some stories that need to be rolled over into the next Sprint. Certainly, it’s understandable…

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Distributed Teams in a Post-COVID World

We are over two years into the pandemic and the foreign feeling working 100% remotely is no longer foreign. It has come to stay. We get up in the morning, grab a quick cup of coffee and almost immediately throw ourselves directly into work. At an individual level, things aren’t too bad. But at the management level…

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Utilization Ratio in Agile

This term is not frequently used in Agile, but plays a very important role in Agile planning, estimations, and ability to complete Sprint Commitments. Utilization Ratio is used to calculate Team’s capacity – the amount of work that the Team can confidently complete during the Sprint. You may say “Why? Don’t we have Velocity for […]

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