Agile Anti-Pattern – Budgeting Time

Those of us who worked in lots of different companies and Teams have probably heard a these common questions during Sprint Planning. How much time should we allocate for Bugs? How much time should we reserve for Prod Release Support? How much time should we block out for unexpected A,B,C scenarios? And it’s no surprise, the Team is […]

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Sprint Zero, a Failure Spiral and a Bad Idea!

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to join a team at the start of the Project or Product, you may have been a witness how many organizations make a wrong step from the very the start, eventually leading to severe complications of execution and maybe even a complete failure. The main cause of this can […]

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Revamping Your Agile Daily Meeting or Daily Scrum

The conventional approach to running a Daily Meeting is by coming together and having each member of the Team talk about what they have accomplished yesterday, what they plan on accomplishing today and any impediments that stand in the way. The entire meeting is to take no longer than 15 minutes and focuses on keeping […]

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Sprint Carryovers Are Bad!

Your team reached the end of the Sprint. Things seem to have been going well. A lot of work has been completed and it feels like celebrations are in order until, clicking the “Complete Sprint” button you realize that oh oh, there are some stories that need to be rolled over into the next Sprint. Certainly, it’s understandable…

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Utilization Ratio in Agile

This term is not frequently used in Agile, but plays a very important role in Agile planning, estimations, and ability to complete Sprint Commitments. Utilization Ratio is used to calculate Team’s capacity – the amount of work that the Team can confidently complete during the Sprint. You may say “Why? Don’t we have Velocity for […]

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