JIRA Import & Bi-Directional Sync

Project Simple makes it easy to get started. Starting with a clean new Backlog has a lot of notable advantages particularly in Projects that have a very large and unmanageable Backlog. Some of our customers choose to start fresh with a clean slate by having an empty Product Backlog and giving their Product an new refreshed beginning.

Clients that want to continue working with their current backlog in Atlassian’s Jira…

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Latest Updates – April 2024

Welcome to the Long Awaited Dark Theme!

We have always received recognition for the nice, pleasant, and intuitive UI. And now, your eyes can enjoy a well-deserved break they need!

Why Dark Theme? First, it is style and elegance – another great way to experience our platform. Reduced eye strain – using the platform daily, it is great to reduce eye fatigue, especially during nighttime browsing. And, energy saving…

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Agile Anti-Pattern – Budgeting Time

Those of us who worked in lots of different companies and Teams have probably heard a these common questions during Sprint Planning. How much time should we allocate for Bugs? How much time should we reserve for Prod Release Support? How much time should we block out for unexpected A,B,C scenarios? And it’s no surprise, the Team is […]

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How Work Breakdown Structure is Killing Your Agility

So, you work in JIRA during the Sprint Planning or Backlog Grooming session and go through the next user story to determine what needs to be completed to meet the requirements. And immediately, it’s clear that the goal of the user story touches a lot of different components. The reaction – we need to create […]

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What makes the best Agile Project Management Solution?

Everyone in software engineering knows JIRA. It’s been around for over 20 years and it’s of no surprise that it attained its current reputation as the leader in this space. But, is it the best?
The answer is – it depends on how you see it. To be completely honest the most popular, market leading…

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Onboarding Innovators and Early Adopters to the Next Generation Agile Management Platform

“ The leader in this space to date has been JIRA. After 20 years, if your team is still using JIRA, you should seriously reconsider and sign up for Project Simple. ”

Mark MitchellVP of Engineering, MedSurvey

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